Notes From Fans

Clint Pendley
You're music is truly amazing and moving and deep sir. There is a lot within that I feel I can relate to through school and the other nonsensical things that occur in life, but maybe it's self righteous of me to feel connected to you. Either way you have something amazing here and I get excited every time I hear some of your music. Keep up your solid work and I look forward to seeing you and Open Mike when you come to town.
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I really like what you did on "I Wish My Brother Rob Was Here" and "Milo Takes Baths" good lyrics and beats, and your style is awesome. Looking forward to seeing your progression as an artist.
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I can't believe it took me this long to stumble across your mixtapes, but I'm glad I did. Listening to these tracks reminds me of the first time listening to Childish Gambino. You can groove to the flow, but my mind is racing when processing the lyrics.

I've been working on a few tracks and this is a great influence for my writing.

Keep this shit up, and come to Austin, TX to play some shows! I requested you for Fun Fun Fun Fest in November, that'd be sick.


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Lex Sachinskiy
Your music is just so nice to the ears and so easy to fall in love with.
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Greg Gilman
Hey Milo!

I teach a video production class at Gould Academy in Bethel, Maine. A big part of the class deals with picking the right music for your soundtrack, and making sure you have permission to use the music. I encouraged the students to find local artists, and one of my students found your album under the Maine tag on bandcamp. Would you mind if he used one of your tracks for his final project? He's working on a 70's style skate video.

He'll credit you however you would like. Thanks very much for the consideration!

Greg GIlman
Gould Academy
Hey guy, I really like what you do, your lyrics are funny but don't detract from the meaning and you come across as intelligent but humble, and I like that.
Keep up the good work- TEW.
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Sarah Huempfner
Your music is so fresh, so different. It at ones stimulates my mind and soothes my soul. Thank you for existing! Come to Iowa State University and share your talent with us.
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Hey. Your music is slippery smooth (I like your music)... Where can I find Milo paraphernalia?
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Sally Fishticks
I don't know if you've ever heard Kyzer's "Hotboxing the Universe" but I'd bet you'd like it.
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John Meyers
It soothes the savage beast inside me man. I love it. Thank yoU!
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